Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle

At the time of writing this I have amassed 190 hours of play time on my main Fallout 4 character, a level 78 titan. All through those many hours (of which I am certain others have accumulated more) I still find new locations, side missions, small stories and collectibles. Most achievements have been unlocked, sure, … Continue reading Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle


Xbox one release

It's finally here. Although I'm not feeling too fussed about getting an Xbox one I really can't help but wonder just how good it is. I suppose it's natural but then again, I hardly play my xbox 360 now due to time constraints and overriding priorities. So, setting aside the ultimate gamers worry of backwards … Continue reading Xbox one release

Xbox one seems to be losing…

The debate and at many times argument as to what new console everything should or would go for is certainly heating up as of late. Everywhere we look we see opposing views, attacks, defences and compromise as to what console is their particular favourite to get. Arguments about price, compatibility, functions, features, look and general … Continue reading Xbox one seems to be losing…

The reveal of ‘Xbox one’

An initial post on the brand new reveal of the Xbox one and what, so far, it is to bring with it. The live stream is still ongoing so not everything has been revealed just yet but up until now it sure looks amazing. I've got two - three links open right now streaming the … Continue reading The reveal of ‘Xbox one’