Look away

We all know quiet people, loud and outgoing individuals and the in between too. The quiet ones envy the confident, the shy bask in the lack of spotlight being consumed by those who love it and the loud often feel frustrated on the odd occasion they just want to have a quiet day.  I, however, … Continue reading Look away



It's been a while. I am officially back to my blog page and the cobwebs which have formed are now pushed aside. I've got updates, more reviews and plenty of other stuff to post on now so regular posts once more. In the time away I've managed to play with the Samsung Gear, the Note … Continue reading Hello…

No posts?

For some very peculiar reason my posts are no longer being uploaded successfully. I click to publish and they become drafts or are pending review apparently. I'm not sure what's happening but I will try to correct this issue that has caused a lack of posts for the previous 4 days. Of course that's if … Continue reading No posts?

A glimpse of iOS 7?

A few updates have seen themselves land on my phone and iPad recently. These include twitter, youtube and of course WordPress. It's not so much a surprise that these updates are appearing now, but it's more of an interest as to how they are appearing as of late. Let me explain. iOS 7 will be … Continue reading A glimpse of iOS 7?

Half way through the post a day challenge!

We are now in the 6th month of 2013 already! It's gone rather quick and, for me, has been pretty good so far too. However, it also means I am currently half way through my post a day challenge for 2013! It's been a long challenge but I will be sure to see it through … Continue reading Half way through the post a day challenge!