Thus far…

'It appears as though your best is never your best until you require your best to present itself' - Onlysi91Since I began my long and somewhat demanding journey into legal practice I've come to realise many things. Some are significant whilst others are merely learning curves which have all come together to improve or better [...]


Effort & Glory

"The greater the effort, the greater the glory" - Pierre Corneille I think this speaks very much for itself. After a long day at Uni I can honestly say that was an information overload! Nonetheless, we soldiered on into the late afternoon and even after 7 hours of work I came home to continue doing [...]

Busy days – LPC progress

So I am officially half way through the very first week of my LPC. It is the induction week and so a lot of it comprises of introductory preliminaries and the such - or so I would have assumed before starting on Monday. Thus far it has been a very differing experience to that of [...]

Journey woes – day 2

Grades and progression? Now you know what to expect and what you need to do to overcome any challenge - you must understand the prerequisites for studying law. Many people think to study law one would require high grades and an impressive grade base, this however isn't always the case. Like me, for instance, I [...]