There is a smile of Love And there is a smile of Deceit And there is a smile of Smiles In which these two smiles meet - William Blake, The Smile  What's in a smile? Do we do it for protection of an underlying anxiousness? Do we do it to be friendly? To clear the … Continue reading Smile.


Flappy birds – Flappy heads

Flappy birds has been taken down - has people's sanity gone with it? Let's all be honest - we've seen what mayhem and addictive fun Flappy birds has caused and now we're witnessing something incredibly odd and, to be frank, extremely stupid too. This free to play game had come out of nowhere and has only … Continue reading Flappy birds – Flappy heads

Why do you blog?

Quite a wide question to ask a load of bloggers, and so it should be for that matter. Why really do we blog? You could ask this probably to 100 people and still get varying answers but only very few similar ones too. To ask every blogger out there you would probably hear literally every … Continue reading Why do you blog?