The winter is back

Another year another start to a drissling wInter. It's almost Christmas again and that means it's almost the end of 2013 already. It's gone too quick and in this one year I've managed to get quite a lot done. So, a little update is in order. I've been to Turkey, Amsterdam and a short trip to … Continue reading The winter is back


A small update

Currently I find myself catching up on any holes in my post a day challenge I may have missed or overlooked. It's entirely unintentional and is due to a lot of work being thrown my way - this will be updated very soon in terms of my legal journey. Perhaps the end of the month, … Continue reading A small update

LPC start

Just a short note today. Next Monday I officially register as as postgraduate student of the Legal practice course! It's come around very quickly and for that reason alone is quite exciting yet nerve wrecking too. It's seems like only a few weeks back I had graduated with my LLB from my first university. Of … Continue reading LPC start

When boredom kicks in

Today has been a rather crap and boring day. Not much has happened and there isn't much to do either. The only semi-exciting occurrence was a car break down I had to go and give a hand with. Wow. The rest of the day has been spent doing split things such as a quick tune of the … Continue reading When boredom kicks in

I can talk for days!

Anyone that knows me will probably know this already. Although I would generally hope they don't think it all the time! I do have my quiet days where I really am not in the mood to talk much or mess around but most of the time I prefer having fun and having a laugh. Why … Continue reading I can talk for days!