The new way

My last post was November 2014 and for that, it is clear to see that I have been way too busy to post all the time. It's been a crazy few months and all will come very soon. I have new plans for the blog, new stuff to concentrate on and let's just say I … Continue reading The new way


Ipad Air 2

I've recently treated myself to the all new iPad Air 2 and I thought I'd share my thoughts. More specifically I opted for the 16gb, wifi only model in space grey. Before that I had (and still have) the 16gb iPad 2 so I was a couple of generations behind. As you can see from … Continue reading Ipad Air 2

iPhone 6 – anything to consider?

The iPhone has long become outdated by its own accord, not by others' progression. Having been a long term Apple fan I have just this year moved over to Samsung once the Samsung Galaxy s5 was released. Instantly I was hooked to the many, many differences that Samsung offers including (but not limited to); - … Continue reading iPhone 6 – anything to consider?

Samsung s5

I've finally made a move from Apple to Samsung and here it is: I unboxed this beast on Thursday evening and since then I've been tailoring it to my personal taste. This includes the many options of fonts, font sizes, background, widgets, settings, apps and many, many more things too. I'm loving the new 5.1 … Continue reading Samsung s5

iPhone v Samsung

A mobile is probably one of the most wanted and needed accessories for anyone - but which one should you settle for? This year we are expecting two major phones from two of the most successful manufacturers out there. Apple and Samsung will be going head to head this year to produce what will without a doubt be two very … Continue reading iPhone v Samsung