There is a smile of Love And there is a smile of Deceit And there is a smile of Smiles In which these two smiles meet - William Blake, The Smile  What's in a smile? Do we do it for protection of an underlying anxiousness? Do we do it to be friendly? To clear the [...]


Blog page renovation

It's high time that my page had a complete makeover. By complete I mean literally, everything had to change in some way or another. So here it is, the new theme has been put in place which has allowed for a much more simplicstic, neat approach to be taken. Feel free to wander around and [...]

1,000 followers to this blog !

Unbelievable. That's it, that's the post. I can't believe that the counter on the bottom right has finally hit the thousand mark. Thanks. Overtime this blog has expanded, contracted, been altered and almost failed but it's only been this way due to the changing responses and analysis of such responses. I've utilised the stats page to [...]

Nearly 1,000 followers!

Wow, it's almost there. It's taken a while but it will soon be hitting the 1,000 mark on followers to this blog page. I'm not sure why so don't ask but I sure appreciate the followers, comments and likes equally. Hopefully this only gets better and I will endeavour to become a much more active [...]