The new way

My last post was November 2014 and for that, it is clear to see that I have been way too busy to post all the time. It's been a crazy few months and all will come very soon. I have new plans for the blog, new stuff to concentrate on and let's just say I … Continue reading The new way



It's been a while. I am officially back to my blog page and the cobwebs which have formed are now pushed aside. I've got updates, more reviews and plenty of other stuff to post on now so regular posts once more. In the time away I've managed to play with the Samsung Gear, the Note … Continue reading Hello…

Apostrophes be gone!

Councils drop apostrophes from street names 'to avoid confusion' - a bold move or an idiotic one? It's never easy learning new things, especially if you learn them in a dodgy way. I was surprised therefore to read about this. For some background Info on this story click here. Moving swiftly on then. I think … Continue reading Apostrophes be gone!

LPC update.

So I'm now a few weeks into my LPC course and although it feels entirely different to the LLB it also feels quite relaxing compared to it too. The work load is huge but I'm unsure whether impeccable time management developed in the LLB is helping without me realising as such. Of course most of … Continue reading LPC update.

Undervaluing an underdog – part 3

'The people who say 'no' to this question perhaps don't know themselves. Perhaps often they simply relay things they have heard and taken into account from others - reverting back to the influence idea stated earlier. Are they thoughts of our own? Or are they thoughts of others around us paralleled with our own yet … Continue reading Undervaluing an underdog – part 3