Final stretch

It's not the curiosity that killed the cat - it's the lack of planning thereafter - onlysi91 In around 5 months time I would have officially completed the academic period of my life. In particular it shall mark the end of my legal studies. After 2 years at GCSE, 2 years at A-level, 3 years [...]


My degree has arrived!

It's almost unbelievable for two reasons; I have a Law degree and therefore those little letters have been attached to my name and it has taken absolutely ages for this degree to arrive in the post! However, it's finally here and it's already been framed and placed on the wall to await the accompanying graduation photo and [...]

Busy days – LPC progress

So I am officially half way through the very first week of my LPC. It is the induction week and so a lot of it comprises of introductory preliminaries and the such - or so I would have assumed before starting on Monday. Thus far it has been a very differing experience to that of [...]

LPC start

Just a short note today. Next Monday I officially register as as postgraduate student of the Legal practice course! It's come around very quickly and for that reason alone is quite exciting yet nerve wrecking too. It's seems like only a few weeks back I had graduated with my LLB from my first university. Of [...]

A start

Today I found out that I begin my LPC on the 2nd of September so it really isn't that far away. Im excited, nervous and happy too. I feel determined, motivated and energetic to begin and to progress throughout until I finish. My degree was confirmed as a 2.2, not a 2.1 - however this [...]