Ipad Air 2

I've recently treated myself to the all new iPad Air 2 and I thought I'd share my thoughts. More specifically I opted for the 16gb, wifi only model in space grey. Before that I had (and still have) the 16gb iPad 2 so I was a couple of generations behind. As you can see from [...]


The Simpsons all Tapped out?

There's only so much that can be released in quick succession but how long until the mill runs dry?It seems as though the popularity of The Simpsons Tapped out might also be its worst enemy. At the very least I'm sure EA are under pressure to ensure that this game runs smoothly and continues to [...]

€1 ‘damages’ for MJ fans

I thought I had seen some crazy and stupid stuff from mankind but THIS really bites the biscuit Take a look at the story by clicking here. I mean wow, this really does worry me about the mental state of people in today's world. Yesterday I posted on Flappy birds being taken down and its [...]

iPhone v Samsung

A mobile is probably one of the most wanted and needed accessories for anyone - but which one should you settle for? This year we are expecting two major phones from two of the most successful manufacturers out there. Apple and Samsung will be going head to head this year to produce what will without a doubt be two very [...]

Flanders kids join the fun

After the recent add on of level 32, we have since seen a few little changes too. For instance, Kamp Krusty has been added and with it came a 'prequel' quest for little Lisa and Bart, oh and don't forget Grandpa too! Upon completion of this quest or another - I'm not sure as I [...]