Look away

We all know quiet people, loud and outgoing individuals and the in between too. The quiet ones envy the confident, the shy bask in the lack of spotlight being consumed by those who love it and the loud often feel frustrated on the odd occasion they just want to have a quiet day.  I, however, [...]


Thus far…

'It appears as though your best is never your best until you require your best to present itself' - Onlysi91Since I began my long and somewhat demanding journey into legal practice I've come to realise many things. Some are significant whilst others are merely learning curves which have all come together to improve or better [...]

A change of name – ‘rebranding’

The time has come for the name of this blog page to change. It's been too long in fact. Therefore I've decided the change of name will coincide with the time of a set theme and topic for this blog. Somewhere along the lines of 'the raving lawyer' or something. Of course this will be [...]

Two more days…

It's already nearly here, two more days and I will be done. Officially, my university days will be over already. It's exciting, yet worrying, yet quite strange. I don't want to leave but then again I do as it means I can progress again to the next part of my journey. In another way I'm [...]