Back to the old

'Out with the old, in with the new? It's always good to in some way retain the old - after all, it's what made you who you are today'Do you ever get those days where you fancy listening to some of that old music that you once listened to so intently? Watching those films that [...]


Back to Tonal, back to roots.

Way back before I began my LPC I started drawing another tonal piece in order to calm my nerves. To also use up some free time in between work and everything else too, but besides that I didn't manage to get it finished before being entrenched in work from my newly started course. Today however [...]

A question for all…

Do you prefer being busy and organised, or bored and unorganised? On the flip side, do you prefer being active or having much time to yourself? I'm sure a balance is the best answer here but is it always easy to get? With times how they are now it seems ever more increasingly difficult for [...]

Back to art

Earlier on today I had finally chose to go back to my art hobby. After a very busy day of painting, cleaning, tidying and getting stuff sorted out I was bored. I needed to relax and to spend some time doing something else - a drawing. As many of my drawings are I decided upon [...]

Time, time, time.

Now I have finished my degree and am awaiting graduation I have much more time on my hands to do whatever is either needed or wanted. Sometimes it is feeling like too much time. Of course I have picked up more hours at work but what to do in the times at home? Clearly many [...]