There is a smile of Love And there is a smile of Deceit And there is a smile of Smiles In which these two smiles meet - William Blake, The Smile  What's in a smile? Do we do it for protection of an underlying anxiousness? Do we do it to be friendly? To clear the … Continue reading Smile.


A question of Happiness

Often what we can't see or what we don't understand becomes the subject of fear instead of intrigue and interest. Happiness can't be measured by success or money, nor can it be measured by circumstance. We should see happiness as deeper than that - it's fulfilment. Experience. Memories. It's richer than any tangible object; it's … Continue reading A question of Happiness

A precise explanation

Quite a precise way of saying what I generally say, so I thought I would post it to share with you all. Think about it and take it as it is - use it. "Happiness needs sadness.Success needs failure.Benevolence needs evil.Love needs hatred.Victory needs defeat.Pleasure needs pain.You must experience and accept the extremes. Because if the contrast … Continue reading A precise explanation