Effort & Glory

"The greater the effort, the greater the glory" - Pierre Corneille I think this speaks very much for itself. After a long day at Uni I can honestly say that was an information overload! Nonetheless, we soldiered on into the late afternoon and even after 7 hours of work I came home to continue doing [...]


When boredom kicks in

Today has been a rather crap and boring day. Not much has happened and there isn't much to do either. The only semi-exciting occurrence was a car break down I had to go and give a hand with. Wow. The rest of the day has been spent doing split things such as a quick tune of the [...]

7th day away – venture

Hobbies keep us entertained, they keep us busy or generally happy. A hobby can be anything and everything - collecting stamps, drawing, learning an instrument, writing or just cleaning. Whatever keeps you happy. Personally I have decided to learn the guitar and now have two acoustic guitars because of it. I have over 70 drawings [...]

Time, time, time.

Now I have finished my degree and am awaiting graduation I have much more time on my hands to do whatever is either needed or wanted. Sometimes it is feeling like too much time. Of course I have picked up more hours at work but what to do in the times at home? Clearly many [...]

Channeling a theme

Little play on words there, as you may come to notice. I was wondering about what the general theme or overall topic should be for my Youtube channel. At the moment it is rather obviously a channel for art work and videos of my drawings being made. However I was tempted ever so slightly to [...]