Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle

At the time of writing this I have amassed 190 hours of play time on my main Fallout 4 character, a level 78 titan. All through those many hours (of which I am certain others have accumulated more) I still find new locations, side missions, small stories and collectibles. Most achievements have been unlocked, sure, … Continue reading Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle


GTA online – a glitch

An open world game where anything goes - does that include the use of a beneficial glitch or occasional hack? I think not. As everyone will inevitably know and be very aware, GTA 5 was a huge success. The online portion however, not so. Since day 1 of the release of the online mode many, … Continue reading GTA online – a glitch

Weeks after its promise, Rockstar releases stimulus package

It all began on the 1st of October when Rockstar's much anticipated online GTA mode was released. Almost too anticipated it would seem as the servers were placed under immense pressure and soon began to fail more than is imaginable. Unfortunately, before it even got off the ground Rockstar's multiplayer mode was under criticism at … Continue reading Weeks after its promise, Rockstar releases stimulus package

GTA 5: the verdict

It's now been a week since the much anticipated release of GTA 5. Not only did this cause news reels to go wild - both positive and negative - but all of the social media sites have gone GTA mad too. Youtube has videos of gameplay, cheats, cool finds and partner wars over the game, … Continue reading GTA 5: the verdict

Saints row 4: post release play time

It's been almost a week now since the release of Saints row 4 and well, it's time to see what it's really about. After many hours of playing I have found few things I can comment upon. First off, although the game offers fun, freedom and ultimate mayhem against those alien invaders the missions do … Continue reading Saints row 4: post release play time