Simpsons has been updated! Again.

Finally, after a week or two of not having any more tasks to do I've signed into Simpsons to find an update. There's now the level 36 add on with, well, two buildings, 1 decoration and MORE LAND. That last one excites me quite a lot in a gamer sort of way, of course. Even … Continue reading Simpsons has been updated! Again.


Another update?! But wait…

So a few moments ago I logged onto my iPad to find a pending update on my App Store. Low and behold, it was for the Simpsons tapped out! But how could this be?! Only days ago we received the level 34 update along with a few little decorations and a high school so what … Continue reading Another update?! But wait…

When boredom kicks in

Today has been a rather crap and boring day. Not much has happened and there isn't much to do either. The only semi-exciting occurrence was a car break down I had to go and give a hand with. Wow. The rest of the day has been spent doing split things such as a quick tune of the … Continue reading When boredom kicks in

Where’s the zoom?!

A short note, or rant to EA right about now is what has been deemed necessary by (I think) quite a few players of the ever growing Simpsons tapped out. That being focused upon the map or available land, more specifically. That being 'where is the ability to zoom all the way out and have … Continue reading Where’s the zoom?!

Krustyland update, level 32 and a bit more

After the many new content releases for the already huge Simpsons tapped out, we are faced with rumours (as of this moment) of an even bigger update coming soon. Krustyland will (apparently) feature a whole new map space for players to build an impressive theme park of all things Krusty for their characters to travel … Continue reading Krustyland update, level 32 and a bit more