Picking up where I left off

A picture paints a thousand words.  My last exam falls tomorrow morning at half 9, after that I shall be free from being a student any longer. So long as these three exams come back as a pass that also means I have successfully finished the Legal Practice Course and thereafter will be qualified at [...]

Art of Roses – part 5

It's time for the final post in this series. The final stage of the drawing took place in an hour long session and involved simple tonal filling and shading being completed. So, here it is. Stage 5 The final drawing isn't much further off than this, as it is almost finished in this picture. The [...]

Art of Roses – part 4

It's near the end now, this being the second to last stage in the drawing. I hope so far you have enjoyed these posts - always feel welcome to share, comment, like or follow. Stage 4 The background is almost complete, as is the Rose itself. The shading is always left until the last piece [...]

Art of Roses – part 3

Here's part three of the stages of my latest Rose drawing. I have had a few comments about this particular drawing so hopefully you continue to enjoy this little series of posts! Stage 3 Now the background comes in to add depth, perspective and surrounding for the Rose. The Rose itself has been added to [...]