Trip: Monaco

Monaco - expensive cars, sun and good views. Only 1 day was spared for our visit to Monaco, partly because of general time restraints and partly due to budget considerations. However this 1 day turned out to be a very memerable day indeed. We set off from Nice Ville around 10.30am on the 17th of [...]


Effort & Glory

"The greater the effort, the greater the glory" - Pierre Corneille I think this speaks very much for itself. After a long day at Uni I can honestly say that was an information overload! Nonetheless, we soldiered on into the late afternoon and even after 7 hours of work I came home to continue doing [...]

Flappy birds – Flappy heads

Flappy birds has been taken down - has people's sanity gone with it? Let's all be honest - we've seen what mayhem and addictive fun Flappy birds has caused and now we're witnessing something incredibly odd and, to be frank, extremely stupid too. This free to play game had come out of nowhere and has only [...]

Q & A a day

A simple little brown book with gold edged pages throughout and the line '365 Questions - 5 Years - 1,825 Answers' written across the front can go so far as to have an impact on ones entire thought process. Starting from the 1st of January of this year I have been answering some daily questions in a 5 [...]