Family guy or Simpsons?

Both apps are now out and officially competing and I wonder which will grow to have the biggest success. Clearly Simpsons has a huge head start and this may be an advantage but I wonder if the fresh look of Family Guy will have an impact on the ratings and popularity of the Simpsons. After … Continue reading Family guy or Simpsons?


Facespace on family guy

Another post here on the newly released family guy app just to pull everyone's attention to the Facespace app within this great app. Already I'm addicted and already I've got 4 characters unlocked, with a land expansion being purchased recently! I can't wait to get further in and see what other surprises await but for … Continue reading Facespace on family guy

Family guy tapped out is here!

The wait is finally over! After the huge success and continuing growth of the Simpsons tapped out the creators of Family guy have released their own! Of course it's not called Family guy tapped out but let's refer to it that way. As you can see from the screenshot this game is free and is … Continue reading Family guy tapped out is here!

GTA to be updated again soon

It's a pretty big period for GTA at the moment with the far promised heists being just around the corner. In light of this, many have gone to social media for updates and to also voice their opinions on the subject - each with varying thoughts. Some say that these heists are far too late … Continue reading GTA to be updated again soon

The high life …

This is now huge - Rockstar have finally released information on the newest updates to GTA online. After many, many, many months of waiting we finally see the light at the end of that metaphorical tunnel. Whilst glitchers and hackers have plagued this great game it's still good to see Rockstar are pushing forward to … Continue reading The high life …