Look away

We all know quiet people, loud and outgoing individuals and the in between too. The quiet ones envy the confident, the shy bask in the lack of spotlight being consumed by those who love it and the loud often feel frustrated on the odd occasion they just want to have a quiet day.  I, however, … Continue reading Look away


Wine a day

It's time for another wine, Is it a sign? No time to whine, It's fine, Sit back and think about your life, Why must I slow down my strife? Never stop for any obstacles in this long stride, I worry but always continue I must confide, We fall down but we rise, Determination and motivation sits within these eyes, People disbelieve but why must it … Continue reading Wine a day

Morning muse

That time again - the time where I get thoughtful and begin writing many blog posts. I do still need to catch up on the numerous empty days where a post wasn't scheduled in order to keep with my blog a day challenge for 2013. There's no way I'm failing that! So, here's a little … Continue reading Morning muse

Vague fear

Another rather interesting look on a busy life, tying closely in with how I feel lately I would say. I enjoy to be busy and active but, as with many, it can all get to you at one point or another. Anyway, for now I leave you with this. "The feeling of being hurried is … Continue reading Vague fear

Fill the hour

I know my blog has slowly become a ghost town lately and posts have been far and few, updated revised even. I started my LPC and it is keeping me very busy as of late coupled with work and outside commitments as well. Here's a quote and a short post on that basis: "To fill … Continue reading Fill the hour