Look away

We all know quiet people, loud and outgoing individuals and the in between too. The quiet ones envy the confident, the shy bask in the lack of spotlight being consumed by those who love it and the loud often feel frustrated on the odd occasion they just want to have a quiet day.  I, however, … Continue reading Look away


Samsung s5

I've finally made a move from Apple to Samsung and here it is: I unboxed this beast on Thursday evening and since then I've been tailoring it to my personal taste. This includes the many options of fonts, font sizes, background, widgets, settings, apps and many, many more things too. I'm loving the new 5.1 … Continue reading Samsung s5

New means

Change is good, Change is welcomed. So it's a new year; and a new mission. I posted yesterday how I look to change and how I intend to make that change happen this year. It's all there for the taking and all it requires is hard work and a final stretch of will. That doesn't … Continue reading New means

Q & A a day

A simple little brown book with gold edged pages throughout and the line '365 Questions - 5 Years - 1,825 Answers' written across the front can go so far as to have an impact on ones entire thought process. Starting from the 1st of January of this year I have been answering some daily questions in a 5 … Continue reading Q & A a day