Look away

We all know quiet people, loud and outgoing individuals and the in between too. The quiet ones envy the confident, the shy bask in the lack of spotlight being consumed by those who love it and the loud often feel frustrated on the odd occasion they just want to have a quiet day.  I, however, … Continue reading Look away


Bye bye blog

It's almost an inevitability that things change - even more so when a busy lifestyle sets in. Ignoring the literal nature of the title of this post I've simply decided to perhaps relax on my blog and not concentrate so much on the stats count. What does this mean? It simply means I'll be refining … Continue reading Bye bye blog

The winter is back

Another year another start to a drissling wInter. It's almost Christmas again and that means it's almost the end of 2013 already. It's gone too quick and in this one year I've managed to get quite a lot done. So, a little update is in order. I've been to Turkey, Amsterdam and a short trip to … Continue reading The winter is back

1,000 followers to this blog !

Unbelievable. That's it, that's the post. I can't believe that the counter on the bottom right has finally hit the thousand mark. Thanks. Overtime this blog has expanded, contracted, been altered and almost failed but it's only been this way due to the changing responses and analysis of such responses. I've utilised the stats page to … Continue reading 1,000 followers to this blog !

Nearly 1,000 followers!

Wow, it's almost there. It's taken a while but it will soon be hitting the 1,000 mark on followers to this blog page. I'm not sure why so don't ask but I sure appreciate the followers, comments and likes equally. Hopefully this only gets better and I will endeavour to become a much more active … Continue reading Nearly 1,000 followers!