I feel productive, motivated, determined to progress. I need to be doing something which moves me forward - things need to change. Ideas are everywhere - picking the right one is the fun of it all. Bye for now. Onlysi91


Thus far…

'It appears as though your best is never your best until you require your best to present itself' - Onlysi91Since I began my long and somewhat demanding journey into legal practice I've come to realise many things. Some are significant whilst others are merely learning curves which have all come together to improve or better [...]

Final stretch

It's not the curiosity that killed the cat - it's the lack of planning thereafter - onlysi91 In around 5 months time I would have officially completed the academic period of my life. In particular it shall mark the end of my legal studies. After 2 years at GCSE, 2 years at A-level, 3 years [...]

It’s almost 2014

2013 is almost already over and that means many different things for everyone. People are going to reflect on their year and decide what was good or bad about it and use this to 'improve' 2014. People have plans for 2014, ambitions, aims, objectives - whatever you wish to call it I'm sure many will [...]

LinkedIn – a good idea?

Lately I've been looking at perhaps creating a LinkedIn account but, naturally, I have my reservations about doing so. First off, is it really a good idea? Second, is it needed necessarily? Obviously having a Linkedin account is supposed to enhance your prospects of getting employment of your choice but just how much of an [...]