First of many

I finally have the time to concentrate on the stuff I used to love doing. On that, here is my latest quick sketch of a Rose close up. This has been done on a small piece of canvas, in pencil using a bit of shading. As I said, it was a quick sketch and in … Continue reading First of many


Fine pencil line of selling art

Lately I have been researching possible ways to sell some of my art work to those interested for modest prices. Many questions arise however; 'where do I start?', 'how much do I offer them for?' and so on, so forth. So, where exactly do we find answers to these questions? I began with a simple web search … Continue reading Fine pencil line of selling art

‘Canvas attempt no.2’

As yesterday was a post on the first canvas attempt I thought it was only fair to upload the second attempt of mine to move to canvas instead of paper. The first attempt was done entirely by tonal, this one had seen added colour to attempt something new and out of my comfort zone - … Continue reading ‘Canvas attempt no.2’