Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle

At the time of writing this I have amassed 190 hours of play time on my main Fallout 4 character, a level 78 titan. All through those many hours (of which I am certain others have accumulated more) I still find new locations, side missions, small stories and collectibles. Most achievements have been unlocked, sure, … Continue reading Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle


Simpsons tapped out: level 37 released

Almost too much on the dot as to time level 37 has been released for the Simpsons. As always, it's s small mix of premium and in game currency items to add to our expanding towns/cities. Just recently another strip of land had been added for those struggling to fit everything in whilst retaining an … Continue reading Simpsons tapped out: level 37 released

Bugs on the waterfront

It's been about 4 days since the release of the waterfront/squid port update for Simpsons tapped out. In those days many have realised many potential problems and have formed criticism of the update on many levels too. Not to mention a rather annoying bug I and a friend have had to put up with recently. … Continue reading Bugs on the waterfront

A little development on Simpsons…

As we are all waiting for the newest update many are trying desperately to find something to either spend their mounting money on or just to attempt to improve their little towns. In some cases these towns are in fact little cities! Therefore for me personally I have decided on the improvement and expansion idea … Continue reading A little development on Simpsons…