Effort & Glory

"The greater the effort, the greater the glory" - Pierre Corneille I think this speaks very much for itself. After a long day at Uni I can honestly say that was an information overload! Nonetheless, we soldiered on into the late afternoon and even after 7 hours of work I came home to continue doing [...]


It has arrived!

That's right, I ordered a new guitar earlier this week and it arrived today. I was rather excited to open it up and give it a go - after tuning it of course. It's just an inexpensive upgrade to help my practice become more efficient and quite frankly, I love it already. It's the Martin Smith [...]

Varying versions of songs – which is the best?

I know, it's a bit of an odd title. Sometimes I can think of one to go well with the topic of the post, other times it's a bit more difficult to do. As I write this post I am also revising some very interesting land law topics and laws too. Of course this can't be done [...]