Final stretch

It's not the curiosity that killed the cat - it's the lack of planning thereafter - onlysi91 In around 5 months time I would have officially completed the academic period of my life. In particular it shall mark the end of my legal studies. After 2 years at GCSE, 2 years at A-level, 3 years … Continue reading Final stretch


€1 ‘damages’ for MJ fans

I thought I had seen some crazy and stupid stuff from mankind but THIS really bites the biscuit Take a look at the story by clicking here. I mean wow, this really does worry me about the mental state of people in today's world. Yesterday I posted on Flappy birds being taken down and its … Continue reading €1 ‘damages’ for MJ fans

LPC update.

So I'm now a few weeks into my LPC course and although it feels entirely different to the LLB it also feels quite relaxing compared to it too. The work load is huge but I'm unsure whether impeccable time management developed in the LLB is helping without me realising as such. Of course most of … Continue reading LPC update.

Busy days – LPC progress

So I am officially half way through the very first week of my LPC. It is the induction week and so a lot of it comprises of introductory preliminaries and the such - or so I would have assumed before starting on Monday. Thus far it has been a very differing experience to that of … Continue reading Busy days – LPC progress

First day of the LPC: how was it?

So today was my first official day on the LPC course and I'll say now, I'm a tad unnerved. Not for reasons of a prospective or possible fail, but for the shear intensity bought on by the content of the course itself. One year, many modules and skills later and it will be done. It's … Continue reading First day of the LPC: how was it?