A question of Happiness

Often what we can't see or what we don't understand becomes the subject of fear instead of intrigue and interest. Happiness can't be measured by success or money, nor can it be measured by circumstance. We should see happiness as deeper than that - it's fulfilment. Experience. Memories. It's richer than any tangible object; it's … Continue reading A question of Happiness


‘Favourite tv shows?’

As you've guessed, it's another of those question time posts. This time it's my top five favourite shows in order and the reasoning for each one too. It's a bit of a random question to answer, but it's still fun to do. 1) Top Gear This has to be a rather obvious one, surely. I … Continue reading ‘Favourite tv shows?’

‘Your favourite…?’

Here we go, a bit more of a personal question time post to add to the newly created category. This one, as you can guess, is on my favourite things out of random and general everyday stuff. I suppose it's a pretty standard post really and thought I've left it too long to add onto … Continue reading ‘Your favourite…?’

‘Do you?’

A different style post today! I'm sure you're excited. Today I felt like doing a question and answer style post to try something new, I saw a similar style post on the reader and it caught my interest. It's a bunch of 'do you' questions and also some answers to try and spark a little … Continue reading ‘Do you?’