Morning muse

That time again - the time where I get thoughtful and begin writing many blog posts. I do still need to catch up on the numerous empty days where a post wasn't scheduled in order to keep with my blog a day challenge for 2013. There's no way I'm failing that! So, here's a little … Continue reading Morning muse


Never a better time

Just a little change from the normal, why not. A few thoughts put into words, A splurge, On paper - it seems - a short word, Set out on the third, Line of this poem, Without even knowing, I feel time lapses without even showing, Relentless, Continuously Flowing, It passes by like a stream overflowing, … Continue reading Never a better time

Here I stand

A random thought creeps in unwillingly, It's like it won't leave it ends up billing me, So here I be; I sit here sweeping up this dirt in this fluorescent yellow shirt, Wondering what my life would be I look to see a different future for me entirely, In its entirety it's not reality to … Continue reading Here I stand


A short one I done when I was bored and thinking at work last night. For those who daydream their greatest wishes but struggle to find the push to get them. Sometimes people feel stuck and their motivation is drained, it's here they should remind themselves of exactly what they want. So I sit here … Continue reading ‘Daydream’

‘From past to present’

Seeing as I decided to return to drawing to have a break and relax I thought I'd also post a poem I have worked on recently too. It's for people who have a background or regrets which they feel hinder their current decisions and still continue to affect them. A simple message to take it … Continue reading ‘From past to present’