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Final stretch

It's not the curiosity that killed the cat - it's the lack of planning thereafter - onlysi91 In around 5 months time I would have officially completed the academic period of my life. In particular it shall mark the end of my legal studies. After 2 years at GCSE, 2 years at A-level, 3 years … Continue reading Final stretch

Journey woes – day 5

Tips/hints and helpful advice More of a listed post here now, because it pretty much sums up this series of posts really. Things to remember then? Remember what it is you want to achieve and make various routes for how you wish to get there. Think of alternative ways around problems and obstacles, never let … Continue reading Journey woes – day 5

Journey woes – day 4

Upkeep and expenses It's getting to the nitty gritty now, after having told you of the challenges, expectations, experience and general study of law it's time to think outside the box. Literally, in a sense. Just a short post today. What am I referring to? Studying law isn't cheap, this is a very well known … Continue reading Journey woes – day 4

Journey woes – day 3

Experience and researchNow we have looked at what to expect when studying the law or pursuing a career in law, and also the subject of grades and progression techniques it is important to know just how to mix these together to further enhance your chances. It may work differently for everyone but overall the rule with law … Continue reading Journey woes – day 3