Picking up where I left off

A picture paints a thousand words.  My last exam falls tomorrow morning at half 9, after that I shall be free from being a student any longer. So long as these three exams come back as a pass that also means I have successfully finished the Legal Practice Course and thereafter will be qualified at … Continue reading Picking up where I left off


Back to the old

'Out with the old, in with the new? It's always good to in some way retain the old - after all, it's what made you who you are today'Do you ever get those days where you fancy listening to some of that old music that you once listened to so intently? Watching those films that … Continue reading Back to the old

A question of Happiness

Often what we can't see or what we don't understand becomes the subject of fear instead of intrigue and interest. Happiness can't be measured by success or money, nor can it be measured by circumstance. We should see happiness as deeper than that - it's fulfilment. Experience. Memories. It's richer than any tangible object; it's … Continue reading A question of Happiness

New means

Change is good, Change is welcomed. So it's a new year; and a new mission. I posted yesterday how I look to change and how I intend to make that change happen this year. It's all there for the taking and all it requires is hard work and a final stretch of will. That doesn't … Continue reading New means

Art of Roses – part 5

It's time for the final post in this series. The final stage of the drawing took place in an hour long session and involved simple tonal filling and shading being completed. So, here it is. Stage 5 The final drawing isn't much further off than this, as it is almost finished in this picture. The … Continue reading Art of Roses – part 5