About me

Welcome to my blog.

This blog is purely opinion based and covers reviews, thoughts and other general topics. Please feel free to comment, share or follow and I will do the same.

Random stuff

Around the age of 12 I was entered into a cross country district race without any training beforehand! I spent two to three weeks training and didn’t do too bad. I have seen Blink 182 and Offspring in concert, and went to the audition stage of Britain’s got Talent! I have been to Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam with my lovely girlfriend and done much sightseeing! I’ve also been to Turkey with my girlfriend and a group of friends which was amazing. In my first year of university I was persuaded to go to an annual pub quiz which involved solicitors and other students from various universities. My team came first and I won the overall prize! We did have a little trophy and my picture was in the Middlesex law society magazine! Not bad. This is the link in case you’re interested:


Other than that, enjoy my blog. It’s aim is to help inspire others and to answer any questions or worries people may have when pursuing their dreams. I aim to motivate others to do what they want to do by telling of my journey – it’s not the smoothest ride either. Hope you like it and keep up the views. For the record, the quote at the top is from Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.

Follow me on twitter too: twitter.com/only_si91


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