There is a smile of Love

And there is a smile of Deceit

And there is a smile of Smiles

In which these two smiles meet

– William Blake, The Smile 
What’s in a smile? Do we do it for protection of an underlying anxiousness? Do we do it to be friendly? To clear the space of an otherwise unapproachable ‘resting face’? A smile can mean many things. People tend not to smile to those who open doors for them, allow them to pass whether on foot or in a car or even perform a simple gesture which wasn’t needed. Kindness is free, a smile is easy. It’s what is behind the smile which is important. 

A smile portrays happiness, nervousness, sarcasm and deceit. A picture paints a thousand words whilst a smile produces a thousand thoughts to some. Do we ever know what a smile is intended for? We lose someone we love and we smile. Not because we are happy or otherwise fine, but because we want to seem strong and able. We accept things with a smile because it is easier to do so sometimes. 

Smile for the right reason, not for a reason which will cause harm. 


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