Fallout 4: Rebuild The Castle

At the time of writing this I have amassed 190 hours of play time on my main Fallout 4 character, a level 78 titan. All through those many hours (of which I am certain others have accumulated more) I still find new locations, side missions, small stories and collectibles. Most achievements have been unlocked, sure, but what fun is it when you dont have a place to call home? Enter; The Castle.

One of the 30 settlements available is The Castle; an originally desolate and damaged expanse of land which has much potential, if you have the resources that is. The Castle begins as this:

Fallout Wikia

I have built, rebuilt, added onto and perfected my Castle to ensure it is the most defended location in the entire game. A 15 minute gunfight with multiple Gunners proved that when only a single enemy reached the front door. A few screenshots of my Castle follow on shortly. Before that, I would like to say that this has been my ongoing project since the very beginning and I am still adding to it when possible.






As you can see, from top to bottom: the outside of The Castle has a new wall racked with turrets as a first line of defence, housing an inside garden for the food needed to cater for my 23 inhabitants. A shot from the inside far wall of my Castle shows my 3 story tower (centre), barter platform (top right to centre), personal house (top left), basketball court (bottom right) and food garden (far left). The next shows my bar, restaurant and again the centre tower. Moving down one more we see my VIP area overlooking the entire Castle (top right) and the final screenshot shows my gantry, housing and trading tents.

At first all of my power was housed internally, this caused too much noise and so I built a standalone, equally defended outhouse on the beach for all my generators to sit within, as below. All of my power is carried through various wires hooked onto the walls both internally and externally, whilst large towers connect the corners of the Castle to the structures around them. All wires are out of walking areas, for effect, and every part of the Castle has a power supply for the many lights and fittings within. 


Similarly, my water purifiers which amount to a significant haul of caps day to day are housed outside with surrounding walls, as below. All purified water is taken and exchanged for either ammo or resources so I have a constant supply of the necessities. 


All in all, my Castle now has plenty of food, water, beds, defence and power. So much so in fact that I can easily house and defend the maximum amount of 40 settlers when the time comes. The screenshot below shows the full figures on my Castle. This acts as the main hub for the game as it runs supply routes to each of my other settlements (so far I have around 15 which are fully functional) and I also have trade routes courtesy of my occupancy at Bunker Hill. 


I will endevour to post another with internal shots of the walls and the outside, showing the rebuilds of the walls which were destroyed before I took over. Until then, if you like this please share, comment and let me know what you think. More settlements will follow. 

– Simon.


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