I feel productive, motivated, determined to progress. I need to be doing something which moves me forward - things need to change. Ideas are everywhere - picking the right one is the fun of it all. Bye for now. Onlysi91


Trip: Monaco

Monaco - expensive cars, sun and good views. Only 1 day was spared for our visit to Monaco, partly because of general time restraints and partly due to budget considerations. However this 1 day turned out to be a very memerable day indeed. We set off from Nice Ville around 10.30am on the 17th of [...]

Trip: Nice

Nice - views to stagger but beach pebbles instead of sand. After a very early morning train to Nice from Lyon (6.30am) taking 4 whole hours we arrived to what can only be described as a microwave oven contained only wherever we stood. The heat hit us as we left the train and began our [...]

Trip: Lyon

Lyon - a business perspective gone slightly obscure. Admittedly upon arrival we nabbed a nearby taxi and almost inevitably the rain came down like a sink with no plughole. Literally, the footpaths flooded over to an extent and the slight patter on the roof of the taxi soon became a jamborine band of sorts. Sharp [...]