Off track

It has been too long since I’ve posted on here. The last post was the 4th of May – why? My LPC has consumed vast amounts of my time and I have since been working more in order to save up too. Three modules whilst working 32 hours per week sometimes makes it difficult as well as doing everything else but I do only have 3 weeks left. After that it’s off to Europe for 3 weeks in July and I can’t wait.

Do you feel like you have been going for so long with no real break and now feel like you’re dragging along on the floor? Tired and drained, exhausted and strained? I feel that way now. Everything comes at once to test each and every one of us and it is now that this test has come.

It’s difficult to stay on track and it’s tiresome too. It’s hard to not let it all get to you but it’s equally hard to maintain a brave and strong attitude. It’s tough to continue as strong as before but it’s a relief to have as much support as I do and I thank you all. A break is long overdue but until then I’ll try to keep pushing.

Our walls may often fall, but each time they are rebuilt higher and stronger.


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