GTA to be updated again soon

It’s a pretty big period for GTA at the moment with the far promised heists being just around the corner. In light of this, many have gone to social media for updates and to also voice their opinions on the subject – each with varying thoughts. Some say that these heists are far too late and that as a result they will not be returning to GTA online. Whilst this isn’t an upsetting thing to hear others have gladly said that they are happy to hear that their experience will soon be further enhanced and will in fact be spending more time online.

The heists aren’t the only thing that we should be looking forward to however, what with The High Life update being announced very recently by Rockstar themselves. The High Life will be adding the long awaited multiple ownership of properties and also new cars and clothing. The latter is hardly surprising but the multiple ownership comes as a welcoming surprise. Where else are we to store our many cars?

Just today the newest update of the three had been made live which simply, or supposedly, ironed out all of the remaining glitches and exploits. Only time will tell if this has happened though. Now we await the remaining two updates which will definitely make for some happy reviews.

What do you think?




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