A posse ad esse - from possibility to reality I know I'm not perfect I've not led a model life, Thus far it's been like a roller coaster ride; Priorities are set in order but am I often foolish? These decisions are never easy let alone when I don't wonder why I'm doing this; I'm … Continue reading Story


Thus far…

'It appears as though your best is never your best until you require your best to present itself' - Onlysi91Since I began my long and somewhat demanding journey into legal practice I've come to realise many things. Some are significant whilst others are merely learning curves which have all come together to improve or better … Continue reading Thus far…

The Simpsons all Tapped out?

There's only so much that can be released in quick succession but how long until the mill runs dry?It seems as though the popularity of The Simpsons Tapped out might also be its worst enemy. At the very least I'm sure EA are under pressure to ensure that this game runs smoothly and continues to … Continue reading The Simpsons all Tapped out?