Final stretch

It’s not the curiosity that killed the cat – it’s the lack of planning thereafter – onlysi91

In around 5 months time I would have officially completed the academic period of my life. In particular it shall mark the end of my legal studies. After 2 years at GCSE, 2 years at A-level, 3 years for my degree and another 1 year for my postgraduate diploma in law I can honestly say it’s been a strange experience. It has had its ups and it has most definitely had its downs too.

At times it felt like an endless hill but for the most part I can say that it has significantly helped my confidence in all senses of the word and its also helped me personally. I’ve learnt things that have shaped the way I think, the way I see and the way I generally perceive things. I’ve had times where my motivation and love for the subject have simply fallen due to either surrounding circumstance or just a lack of energy at the time. I’ve had times where I doubted my choices, second guessed my decisions and questioned my current status. However, despite those times it will be odd to finish the academic stage and it will be missed, I’m sure.

Excitement takes over I think after 5 months as it’s the time when I can finally put what I’ve learnt and studied for all of these years to the test. I can continue to push but in a professional way as opposed to an academic manner. I’m sure a few updates will be posted on here as I’m not giving this up just yet! I have a few plans for after but I’ll see what happens. It’s the best option to stay open.

Ciao for now.


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