€1 ‘damages’ for MJ fans

I thought I had seen some crazy and stupid stuff from mankind but THIS really bites the biscuit

Take a look at the story by clicking here. I mean wow, this really does worry me about the mental state of people in today’s world. Yesterday I posted on Flappy birds being taken down and its surrounding troubles but today I really couldn’t resist posting and commenting on this news story.

In a nutshell – 5 fans of the late Michael Jackson have (somehow) won damages after claiming they had suffered ’emotional suffering’ from his death. What’s more is that the lawyers have commented saying they are happy the plaintiffs continued with the claim despite the comments of the public.

The damages? Well, a hefty €1 EACH and they don’t even wish to claim said damages off of the doctor supposedly responsible of killing MJ as they see it as ‘symbolic’. Sure, symbolic of how absolutely wasteful people can be and how much disregard can be had to overriding priorities. What’s the total cost of all of this? Lawyers fees, court costs, general costs, time taken of everyone involved and of course those €5 damages all supposedly justify this complete ridicule of the legal system. Happily I’d say this wasn’t here in the UK.

I genuinely can’t believe the state this planet really is in now. In just the last 5 years or so I have seen the world change for the worse and it’s only getting worse still. As my old law Tutor once said: ‘he feels sorry for the new generations’. God knows what the elderly generation thinks when they take a look at the differences of today and then. What’s it going to be like in 10 years time? People claiming for damages of emotional suffering when a fly gets swatted?

We shall see – ciao for now.


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