Is EA running low on things to release? Or are they planning something big? Who knows….

It’s that time of the year again for the Simpsons Tapped out – Valentines day. That means a few things;

  1. There will be hearts.
  2. There will be some form of community spirit being promoted.
  3. There will be new things to build.

However, whilst the above is somewhat true I beg to differ. After updating around half an hour ago I have logged in to find not only a different set up but also, well, not much else. Sure upon login Homer and Lisa have a little chat about Valentines day and Roses before prompting a quest to plant some Valentines Roses at Cletus’ farm for 24 hours, but apart from that no visual change can be immediately seen. Is this a worry? Let’s start with the obvious, as it’s more logical. 20140206-132023.jpgFirst, every player may notice not only the rather big change in the splash screen – which comes as no surprise by now – but also the change in the ‘login’ and ‘tap to continue’ screen. The ‘tap to continue’ now appears in the bottom right hand corner in a smaller rectangular box and smaller font whilst the player name and so on appears in the bottom left hand side of the screen. The splash screen does look slightly neater but is this what we really wanted? Has anyone complained or made an issue of the previous set up of this opening screen? I think not. Anyway, in game now and one immediately notices the many ‘new!’ markers everywhere which in fact lead to not much.

Secondly, on to the new content – or lack of it, for now. Unless more is uncovered later on into the quest line I’m not sure whether all has been released just yet as I’ve only just began. However, it used to be where new buildings would be viewable in the build menu even before the prerequisites have been met and simply appear blacked out with a padlock in front. Now? Not much can be seen apart from a Whale worth 300 donuts – with a 7% increase to jobs and experience admittedly – and a beach chair which is an in game currency item. Wow. I am going to guess that once the initial quest of the Roses has been completed all of the new content will suddenly appear in some sort of magical miracle – for now this update seems a mirage.

Thirdly, the friends screen – if logged into Origin – has had a little makeover too and the ‘new!’ marker remains even when transversing through all of the many menus available. What is new then? When visiting a friends town the action box now appears at the top left hand corner and the signs for moving to another friends town have been made bigger. Moving out of a friends town and into the menu for friends and settings one will notice it has completely changed. Instead of appearing at the right hand side of the screen now it appears as a centralised box with a bit of an easier layout and a much better responsiveness to it too – well done EA. This little clean up seems to be a good one as it actually helps, the other little make up bits? We shall say no more.

So far, so good I suppose in terms of cleaning the game up and giving it a refreshing look. For new content? I shall let you know of my findings in about 23 hours and 22 minutes when my Roses are ready to grab from the farm.

Your thoughts on the update so far?