iPhone v Samsung

A mobile is probably one of the most wanted and needed accessories for anyone – but which one should you settle for? 

This year we are expecting two major phones from two of the most successful manufacturers out there. Apple and Samsung will be going head to head this year to produce what will without a doubt be two very impressive handsets. The Samsung s5 and the iPhone 6 – also rumoured as the iPhone Air are set to be unleashed onto the world at various points this year. What’s the big deal then? 

Will a bigger screen necessarily mean a bigger handset?


Let’s begin with the iPhone 6 – or iPhone Air as it’s come to be known. A lot of rumours, naturally, are flying around the web and as ever Apple have remained very secretive. Judging by leaked photos (which aren’t necessarily reliable), reports and the actions of Apple this newest handset is set to be a winner amongst fans. First and foremost the most anticipated and somewhat mixed feature is the bigger screen. Arguably after many, many years of being left behind by the likes of Samsung in terms of screen and phone size Apple have decided to respond in kind. The rumour is that Apple will finally increase significantly the screen size of their handset and this will be somewhere in the region of 4.8 – 5 inches. Other rumours suggest this to be just one version of the handset to be released whilst the other becomes a ‘phablet’ – coming in at well over 5.5 inches. Either way I think this is a good move from Apple and one which will surely go down very well with the millions of fans and buyers of the handset too. 

The other features rumoured include the removal of the hard buttons around the edges of the handset and also the removal of the home button which has been at the front of the iPhone since 2007. This most certainly is a bold move but nonetheless, it would make for a cleaner and smoother looking phone which will only add to the feel of the expense you gain with an iPhone. Many have suggested that the sides of the phone will be replaced with a wrap around screen that will somehow disengage until needed – such as turning the sound up or down or using the fabulously helpful mute button. I see many issues with this and most certainly don’t see it becoming a feature for some time, if it ever does. 

The fingerprint scanner will remain but is rumoured to be hidden beneath the new sapphire glass screen until used, which leads us on to the other significant and interesting rumour that can be found almost anywhere. Apple is said to be involved in the mass production of sapphire glass and not only for the rear of the iPhone 5s camera anymore. Instead, it is rumoured that this almost indestructible glass will be used on the entire screen of the iPhone 6 – adding much to the durability of the phone itself. Personally, although this will inevitably add expense to the handset upon purchase it would be a very useful feature to pay extra for in terms of avoidance of scratches, chips and cracks from day to day life. Moving on from this it’s also said that the 6 will have an integrated eye scanner for extra safety, however, I think this may wait for a further handset. 

Finally, judging by the name ‘iPhone Air’ it is rumoured that the latest handset will be just 5mm thick – maybe even less. I for one am very interested in this becoming reality for many reasons. First; a slimmer handset will feel better, more comfortable and much more sleek – not to mention futuristic and cool. It is slightly crazy to think that these phones can get any slimmer with the amount of extra features that ship with them but with any luck this continues and becomes more impressive with time. A slimmer iPhone with a bigger screen and a smoother surface would, I feel, be very welcomed by the Apple community. 

Let’s just hope that these rumours are true.

How big will this phone be?

On to the Samsung s5 and to be honest, there’s not much to say. Apart from becoming even bigger than the s4, most other changes are said to be internal. Albeit impressive, I can’t help but wonder whether Samsung will listen to their customers and get rid of the plastic backing that drags down the overall look and feel of the handset itself.

First and foremost; the screen is set to increase into the area of the Note and therefore into ‘phablet’ territory. For one I think this is already to big and would hope that the current 5 inch display is kept. The one thing I see Samsung as having over Apple at current is the sizes of the screens on the handsets. The reason? Everyone wants a big, clear screen to read off of and do whatever they need to with ease and on a plus note, a beautiful screen with sharp colours is always nice to look at. Games are easier on the s4 and I suspect will be even better on the s5 due to screen size either being retained or increased. Not to mention the internal improvements that are set to be included in this handset. 

The battery, processor, operating system and many more components are said to be a vast improvement by Samsung and, judging by the extensive rumours, would make the s5 a beast of a handset. Not only will it be super fast, reliable and clear, it’s also rumoured to last longer and to be much more efficient than it’s predecessor – the s4. I will admit that whilst the s4 is an impressive handset with many cool features and a super fast delivery in everything it does, the operating system utilised by Apple does feel smoother and does in fact crash and stall much less than the s4. The simplicity of the iPhone makes for an easy experience with whatever you need whereas the s4 seems cluttered and messy. 

Let’s hope the s5 isn’t too big to fit in your pocket. 

So, although all of the above is based purely on rumours and speculation it’s most definately going to be interesting when both are released either in March, June, July, May or September. I will probably stick with the iPhone but that doesn’t mean I will strike out any interest in the s5. 

Which phone are you looking most forward to? 

Ciao for now. 


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