GTA online – a glitch

An open world game where anything goes – does that include the use of a beneficial glitch or occasional hack?

I think not. As everyone will inevitably know and be very aware, GTA 5 was a huge success. The online portion however, not so. Since day 1 of the release of the online mode many, many millions of players have flocked to the servers to taste the open freedom of killing everything and anyone whilst saving for those precious rewards. This had issues in itself.

The servers stumbled, crumbled and eventually fell due to the shear overload of player demand and strain. Rockstar then became a hated figure by many only to be described as the impatient, demanding know-it-alls whilst others just simply waited for a resolve. After many weeks of frustration, deleted characters and cars and lost money GTA online was finally here to stay. Anyway, let’s skip a few weeks thereafter.

One day, everyone awoke to have a stint on GTA only to find $2billion bounties being flung around like snowballs in winter and endless illicit money being gifted to the unsuspecting. Sure, people enjoyed having unlimited money to do whatever they pleased but it all got a bit out of hand, didn’t it?

Yes, I was one of many fortunate enough to land myself this bounty. I survived said bounty and had some fun. Sure many might say ‘why?’ but after so long of hard grafting and ridiculous payouts it was good to have a little freedom that was not so evident before. I must add that before I received this money I had already owned the top cars, a few boats, a plane and the top apartment so this money was for pure fun.

By fun however I don’t mean harassing other plays, nor did I gift it or give out any glitched bounties. I just had fun. Let’s skip a bit again.

Rockstar finally found a solution and albeit too little too late, the economy of GTA was balanced once more. Many were banned or placed into the cheaters pool whilst the innocent players simply had the money stripped from their pockets. Shame. So, all’s well that ends well?

Not by a long shot. Just days after the servers were shut down for 24 hours for ‘maintenance’ it was reported that yet another money glitch had been found. This time it involves replicating your cars to resell for however long you wish. Sound familiar? It should do as this was the first glitch that was of major issue. Once again Rockstar has slapped bans and cheaters pool sanctions on the offenders and all should be done with.

So, where am I going? I can’t help but wonder how much smoother this online world would have come to fruition had it been given the chance to do so without hacking taken precedent over simple gameplay. I also can’t help but wonder what affect this has had ultimately on the untimely releases of the beach bum pack and subsequent minor updates. Not to mention the heists that everyone so badly craves – have these been pushed back due to the imbalance in economics within the online world thanks to these hackers? My guess is yes. All this time Rockstar wastes correcting hacks and punishing bad players could be time spent on perfecting downloadable content or even the heists for release.

It’s about time these people allow this game to really show its potential and actually begin to enjoy it for what it is.

Ciao for now.


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