Apostrophes be gone!

Councils drop apostrophes from street names ‘to avoid confusion’ – a bold move or an idiotic one?

It’s never easy learning new things, especially if you learn them in a dodgy way. I was surprised therefore to read about this. For some background Info on this story click here. Moving swiftly on then.

I think it’s a complete shambles how young children are being taught in today’s age. Technology is now no longer an accessory, but a toy. It’s a toy that becomes the very centre of a child’s younger ages and it’s one that is actively encouraged in schools. Paper and pen is now ‘old fashioned’ and computer work is the norm – even at the age of 6. Instead of perfecting handwriting skills and mental arithmetic, it’s now a case of ‘typing up some work and using a calculator’ to complete the tasks.

It is no surprise therefore that this story causes such disagreement and outrage from many. We teach children to use the correct punctuation, grammar and spellings – presumably now using Word – and then the council in certain areas decides to take away the correct punctuation from street signs! A street sign/sign/advertisement/menu or anything else in the public eye constantly should not be missing these important things. The justification is even worse – “to avoid confusion”.

Number one: what confusion arose with correct usage in the first place? Two: emergency services have stated that this change doesn’t assist in identifying streets faster – an excuse so willingly run by the council. Three: I think this removal has caused more confusion than it was probably intended to avoid.

Bring a book back (a paperback that is) and allow kids to learn. Not simply to be corrected by an autocorrect feature so that mistakes aren’t often identified and rectified by the child themselves. Use pen and paper, not Word and Paint. A computer shouldn’t be the centrepiece of a child’s learning curve. It doesn’t help any more when authorities make such decisions as this to further add to the confusion.

Get some sense.

Bye for now.



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