Q & A a day

A simple little brown book with gold edged pages throughout and the line '365 Questions - 5 Years - 1,825 Answers' written across the front can go so far as to have an impact on ones entire thought process. Starting from the 1st of January of this year I have been answering some daily questions in a 5 … Continue reading Q & A a day


Half a blue sky

Some thoughtful lyrics... "And being here without you is like I'm waking up to Only half a blue sky Kinda there but not quite I'm walking around with just one shoe I'm half a heart without you I'm half a man at best, With half an arrow in my chest I miss everything we do, … Continue reading Half a blue sky

Wine a day

It's time for another wine, Is it a sign? No time to whine, It's fine, Sit back and think about your life, Why must I slow down my strife? Never stop for any obstacles in this long stride, I worry but always continue I must confide, We fall down but we rise, Determination and motivation sits within these eyes, People disbelieve but why must it … Continue reading Wine a day

Fish obsessive

Lately I find myself window shopping for more fish, tank ornaments or just new fish tanks themselves. This has become a habit which I should really stop due to the costs involved but I'm sure as many others may know it gets addictive! It doesn't help that I see nice fish tanks in movies, adverts … Continue reading Fish obsessive