Art of Roses – part 2

As promised, it’s the next stage in the creation of my latest tonal drawing of a Rose on some wooden planked flooring. There’s some more to this drawing than simply a part of my ongoing hobby but that will remain unknown to this blog. So, it’s the next part and here it is:

Stage 2

As you can see, yesterday I posted stage 1 which consisted of the start point of the drawing. This stage includes the addition of the stem itself and also the first wooden plank in the top left corner. I done this as another test – a visualisation as to how it would look as a completed piece with the shading, wooden plank and the Rose all hand in hand. At this point I had added some shading of the leaves and the stem within the normal expectations of shadowing and also have included minor detail such as the wood effect.

If I wasn’t happy with it I’d change whatever was required at this stage. If not, it’s onto the next stage! That shall be posted tomorrow.



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