Art of Roses – part 1

I finally returned to my much loved art hobby and in doing so have finished a piece that took around 5 weeks to complete. That’s in between my part time job, training for another job, my social events and my LPC course I must add. Anyway, seeing as I like to concentrate on art on this blog I thought it would be a good idea to go through the stages of my latest piece. By the end of these series of posts you will see the finished product but will also know my technique in creating it! Many may see that it is already available on my Instagram page below.

Stage 1

Find a starting point. This is normally something quite central to the piece and would begin after slight markings are made over the paper as to proportions and sizing. Once done, the piece can be started and the rest of the picture can be drawn from it. It’s how I’ve always done it and it’s how I always probably will. Starting from the edge to me almost always causes problems later on in the piece I feel.

As you can see, I began with the two leaves and the back end of the stem to get some sort of perspective as to the length, width and overall sizing of the Rose itself. Slight shading has been added to test the differing lights within the piece and to amend any errors early on.

Stage 2 will be posted tomorrow – keep an eye out!

Bye for now.


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