The end for the Tax disc

It would seem, on first glance at least, that the government has come up with an idea that may be agreeable by the majority of people! As the title suggests, it is proposed that the tax disc on a car is to be gone come October 2014. Now whilst that may seem all dandy and excitable – I must add that the actual physical tax disc that sits in the windscreen is what will no longer be seen. The tax itself (rather obviously) is to remain a burden to drivers. There’s a mixed response to this news I have seen whilst searching the web and I’ve reproduced some of these concerns below, as well as some of the agreeing statements. 

‘More cars will go unnoticed whilst being untaxed’

A fair and valid point – it seems. Whilst many people do perhaps choose to not pay the tax due to whatever reason that they hold, it is not a be-all-end-all circumstance as they can still get caught out and heavily punished for it. The police now rely more on the electronic system of checking the details of a car before, if needed, ever having pulled you over. Similarly, the tax disc is no longer seen as an important means of checking or even identification as again, it’s all information that can be easily acquired by the police force. Also; just because these people choose to drive around the roads illegally does this really justify an argument to say that this new tax move is not well thought out? I think not as no matter what measure is taken to clamp down on the sorts of people who choose not to abide by laws and rules there will always be this group that remains. 

It makes buying a car more troublesome’

Granted people do look at the tax disc and the length of remaining taxed time when buying a car but this really wouldn’t be affected when this new law comes into play. Think – when you look at a car or enquire about the cars credentials, so to speak, you can easily not only search for the validity of the MOT which covers it but also, I assume, the length if any of the tax that has been purchased for it too. Easily dealt with. 

‘They should scrap the whole thing and add it onto fuel costs’ 

Think what you say! Aren’t fuel costs already ridiculously high for many? Not only do we currently have to firstly buy a driving license and lessons effectively but to pay for the car itself, buy insurance which is almost always an extortionate act, get the car MOT’d, buy tax, then fuel whilst paying for repairs – now you want to make fuel even more expensive?! A few issues anyway, one; all cars are taxed at different rates so this wouldn’t work in an effective manner as the calculations would be obscured. Two; this wouldn’t ‘punish’ those who drive more as everyone uses the road at one time or another – that’s why they bought the car, so everyone should bear the costs of driving equally. Three; tax is only payable (normally) once a year so why not just leave it as this new electronic system and deal with it? 

They’re never satisfied

It’s true to say that whatever happens there will never be a unanimous agreement on each proposal. Many may agree with this new proposal, others may not for the reasons reproduced above. I must add my own thought on driving too, before anyone gets a bit shirty on this post perhaps. I saved money to buy my lessons at the age of 17, I gained my license after much cost at age 18. I purchased my first car aged just over 18 and the subsequent costs that accompanied it. At age 19 I was on my second car, by age 20 I had my third. Now, at age 21, I have my fourth. All the while I have took the brunt of the excessive costs of driving for one reason and one reason only: A car is not a necessity, it is a luxury. I hardly complain about fuel costs for two reasons – one is that I now have a car that takes a lot of fuel and two is that it is a cost which comes as the price of owning a car. I also never complain about the yearly tax I purchase as I have chosen a car with a £200 tax cost and therefore must be quiet and deal with it. Similarly, the MOT and repairs are not avoidable. I agree with this proposal purely because it simply brings this particular motoring aspect into the modern times and makes things almost hassle free. 

What do you think? 

Bye for now. 


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