New £43.7bn airport proposal

Just the title of this post irritates me – and I’m sure it may irritate others. In place of Heathrow the government wishes to build a ‘futuristic airport’ which could cost anything in the region of £43.7bn. For one; that price is entirely ridiculous given the current economical climate and two; why the hell do we want an airport with domes and glass panels sprawling the land? As far as it may sound strange to say, what’s wrong with simply keeping Heathrow? At least for a few more years I would say.

Admittedly the new build may bring in more money but until it pays off that huge cost to build it won’t be very much help to our economy. It would take years to become profitable and by then another vast improvement proposal would be considered I would imagine. I wonder and worry how much that would cost.

My point? It appears as though either one of two things are happening: the news is tailored to tell the public only what they want us to hear or the government simply has lost touch with what’s really important. In my area for instance many, many houses are being endlessly built and it is turning our once suburban/country small town into a sprawling metropolis with housing littering the streets. Congestion is on the rise and is clear to see and the streets have become ever more busy with new faces. The news relays negative stories daily, with only a small portion of good news being spoon fed every so often. Who’s to blame then? Are we simply being told less than we should be or has our government truly lost what’s important?

Your views?



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