Pushing forward

Lately I have been very busy in trying to progress to a more professional role and to gain a new job. Currently I remain in a part time retail role that I have, somewhat unfortunately, been with for the previous two years of my working life. It’s high time that this job is left in the past as ‘experience’ and a new challenge is taken on. Thus, the interviews and emails began last friday. Since then I had arranged a few interviews and have been emailing others – two interviews later I have managed to be accepted onto a new role which will almost certainly have a challenging aspect to it. This is what I like, it’s what I prefer, it’s what I want so all is good. It finally feels like those years of hard work are beginning to pay off and I will finally move somewhere that I enjoy and am interested in. 

Last night I officially accepted and expressed my interest in a company called 21CenturyGroup which deals with Wills, finance and overseas development. A reply was given not soon after agreeing to this and I am now officially a part of this team. My official role will be a Wills consultant at first with training being given in both the overseas and finance aspects of the business. After this has been settled in to I will progress to other exciting things such as meeting with developers overseas to discuss business and to advise a bigger client basis too. It all seems like a dream come true – a job which has found its way to me and I have somehow ended up with. Even if for the short term it still poses an incredible opportunity and an exciting chance to gain some valuable life experience too. Training hopefully begins fully in December this year and my initial job role will also begin shortly so to say I’m excited would be an understatement I would say! 

So, new job, new start and hopefully the beginning of something very good. 

Bye for now. 


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